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{September 24, 2008}   Hello

So it seems that I have talked too much among friends again.  I always seem to get too comfortable and look like an idiot.  Who needs alcohol? Just bring me along.

Things are going rough with being this mother of teenangsters stuff.  I feel a drift pushing my daughter and I apart.  I knew it would come.  I hated my mom.  I guess it is so hard because I always hoped it would be different with us.  She and I have always had a special connection.  We have always fought, but she always apologized as did I.  Now it seems so different.  According to her, I am wrong and will never understand.  According to me, she has to be taught the right ways and I have to stick by my standards in order to be a good parent.  So, I don’t know how to fix it.  She is also terribly embarrassed of me at work.  That is hard, because as crazy as this job is, this is the one place that I am accepted and appreciated for who I am.  I can sing stupid songs, I can say crazy things, I can be personal, I can wear pilgrim costumes, and those stupid kids still love me.  They even love me when I write them up.  I have never felt such complete freedom in my life.  And it embarrasses my daughter.  Ugh. 

I talked about it to her and i think it made her feel bad.  I wasn’t trying to make her feel bad.  I just hope that she can one day understand where I am coming from.

On a brighter note, my “band” practiced last night, and let me say, I might have to replace Pat Benatar.  I rocked.  As did my cohorts.


absolutededication says:

Don’t worry about speaking too openly, because I love that about you. It’s one of your best traits.

I hope things mend with your daughter. Just remember that both of you need time to adjust to this.

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