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{October 10, 2008}   Hello Friday

It has been a long week.  I had so much fun the other day hanging with teachers.  It was nice to get away from work and its surroundings.

My kid is growing up.  She doesn’t like to talk to me about anything but her new dances.  If I ask her anything she gets all flustered and annoyed.  Whatever.

My other kid wants to hybernate in her room forever.

My son thinks that he is a technological genius and wants to be our personal dj.  Really…I don’t wanna hear Disturbed at the present.

Am hoping to have fun at the bowling thing.  Don’t know if i can still stay up that late.  Had a little friend drama today.  She says i never call or answer texts.  am i bad, if i don’t constantly converse through text?

on that note, i think i have my twitter working.

praise god for chicken.  i was so hungry


absolutededication says:

What did you all do?

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