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{November 6, 2008}   Life keeps moving

I had a really bad week a while ago and haven’t written since then.  I was ready to give up teaching.  I planned on either going back to subbing or working as a secretary for the water district.  ugh.  I am so tired of SAIT, bad teachers, annoying students and observations.  blah.

I guess things are going better.  I really love American Literature and the philosophies I get to teach with it.  America was founded with such big ideas.  It takes so much to decide and it is such a privilege that teaching it is so meaningful.  I really do see my job as a ministry and I know that I make a difference.  Just sometimes, I think maybe I should go back to church youth groups, there is no govt. involved there.  No one comes to observe, and I can teach whatever I want.

But–the pay’s not so good. hehehe.

Yesterday was my honey’s birthday.  I have spent over half of my life with him.  Life just goes by so fast.  sigh.

Good Note:

I had an amazing weekend.  I got to see my favorite singersongwriter Jason Mraz!  I don’t know if my year could get better.  It was so fricken good.  finger licken.


absolutededication says:

I think if we didn’t reflect on our role as teachers, we wouldn’t be as effective as we are. I can sympathize with your frustration about other teachers, but I love that you are always willing to learn and adapt and change! I am happy that you pushed through this frustration and found the positive again.

Continue to live the examined life, Angela. 🙂

David says:

You’re an AMAZING teacher. Remember… you didn’t necessarily go into teaching for the money, the hours, or how glamorous (sp?) it is. You went into teaching because… well, that’s for you to finish.

kaptainkrunchy says:

Yeah, funny thing about the examined life. Self examination and introspection are one thing, but if I continually had people telling me how to do my job and each one contradicted all the others I would put a gun to someone’s head. Or a fist maybe…

kaptainkrunchy says:

“bring me your enemies, lay them before me and walk away…”

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