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{November 22, 2008}   What can I say? What can I do?

I often wonder just how much of a difference I can make.  i see kids hurting every single day.  They don’t even know how to deal with what they have to go through.  They take it out on me, they take it out on themselves, and they take it out on their parents.  I try really hard to help them see the light at the tunnel; to give them hope–but sometimes they just can’t get past the darkness at hand.  I have a kid this week who ran away from his group home, broke into houses, got caught with a weapon and drugs.  He got arrested, sent back and may have to go to jail.  What made that kid think that running away was his only option, finding a mess of people was his only way to feel wanted? Ugh.  Another kid thinks that he isn’t worth anyone’s glance.  He thinks he is worthless and ugly.  How does he get there?  Who made him feel that way?  Another girl is worrying if her family will have a place to live for Christmas, let alone food and presents…I see it in her eyes.  Even though she rarely looks up.  One girl is looking for hope in God, and I can’t tell her how to find it.  I have to hope that she asks the right person.  Life hurts.


kaptainkrunchy says:

Make a differece when you can. Everyone else needs to do their part in the universe. It’s not all on you or me or some chosen few. Everyone has the opportunity and the responsibility to make a difference somewhere, to someone. The world wouldn’t be such a shitty place if everyone was doing what they could.

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