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{December 2, 2008}   Feeling like a poet…


Welcome to the Show


If everything could just stop

And I could sit in the midst of my cloud

This cloud nine that I would rather name eight

The particles floating

So seriously floating and gliding

So close to my lashes

Flitting and diving

Like snow


If everything could just wait

And I could think about how

You made me so angry and lonely and lost

Emotions are raging

My heart is flailing so seriously staging

Feelings on sleeves

Like a show


If everything could just heal

And I could be me in the midst of my crowd

This crowd that keeps battering my self

Pieces keep falling

So desperately falling and falling

As I keep trying to catch them

They are falling


My sick show.


kaptainkrunchy says:

wow, anything you want to talk about?

petenangi says:


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