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{December 21, 2008}   Merry Christmas

So, I am preparing for the amputation of my stomach on Monday.  I am actually quite terrified.  Really?  Do they have to call it an amputation? I guess what they do is cut off everything below the belly button and stretch the skin, make a new belly button, and then sew it back together.  They told me it is really painful.  How painful is painful?  Am I a bad example for getting plastic surgery when I totally believe that altering what you are is shallow?  I am spending a lot of money that I could help someone else with.  And…I am so vain that I cannot stand to look at my stretched out, saggy bag of skin around my waste.  ugh.  Here I go.  I have been fighting with myself over this for two years.  I guess I won.  smirk. 212739


Lara says:

Wow, Angela! I guess you are pretty brave. I say good for you! You are a great person and you deserve it!

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