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{December 29, 2008}   How am I?

Hmm.  Well it has been seven days since I have had my stomach amputated.  Ha.  I still can’t get over that description.  🙂  But it was Oh….so much more than that.  Stitches, itchy, a little bit sore.  Stomach muscles?  That is a whole notha rant.  OMG.  My stomach hurts so bad.  Not to mention I have to use every other muscle besides my stomach ones to move myself.  My obliques are so sore.  My back is killing me!  I go on Wed. to see the doctor.  I would really like, REALLY like to get my drains removed.  They are these ever so lovely bags hanging from my abdomen from little tubes.  It makes getting dressed very difficult and if they get pulled it hurts.  I really want to get rid of them soon.  I will be getting my pain tubes removed.  I probably could have gotten them removed already, but I don’t have an appt.  They are located right above my ribs, right where a bra lands.  So not comfortable.  Not to mention, more tubes hanging around.  UGH.  I did it, I know. 

My son and my husband are very helpful.  I wouldn’t have made it without them.  He cooks, cleans, shops.  🙂  My son helps me with medicine, getting up and down, pillows.  Melody is good for company, at least quiet company.  Alannah is totally annoyed with me and thinks that I am ruining her life because I can’t take her shopping and I keep making her do chores.  Whatevas.  I have two more weeks of recovery, but I think I am doing really well.  🙂


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