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{February 18, 2009}   hard times

We just recently had training on suicide prevention and mandated child abuse reporting.  Mr. Bond stood up there and warned us that these hard times will cause higher suicide rates, and I just blew him off.  I thought about how many times you hear about kids writing emo poetry and talk about how their life is not worth living.  How many times you see people take their lives for granted and complain about really silly things.  I thought, I actually sat there and  thought, no one in Moreno Valley could possibly be hit so hard by this recession or hard times to really consider suicide as an option.  Well, I mean, obviously people in Moval actually think of suicide.  Obviously.  But no one I know think about it right? 

I heard last week that my student’s father passed away.  I found out the same day that Mrs. Young’s husband died of heart failure.  I didn’t think anything about either of them except “wow, that was strange and really tragic.”  I finally saw my student today.  I was really quite worried about him.  I have known him for three years now.  I asked him how he was and if he was doing okay.  Then I asked him, “Is there anything I can do?”  He replied that they are living with his aunt because his dad killed himself in their house.  I was shocked.  My poor kid has to think about how he is going to take care of his mom, his little brother, and himself.  He has to wonder why his dad murdered himself.  He can never be in his house without picturing what had happened.  He has to live the rest of his life wondering about his father’s death and his own life. 

Wow.  Heavy day.


Lara says:

Oh my gosh, Angela. That’s awful!

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