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{March 4, 2009}   It’s March and I’m in love…

I am feeling oh so much better this week.  I think the swirling breezes and sunny skies have helped my disposition.  I still feel strain and heaviness, but it is much easier to carry.  I was so down on Friday…near suicidal.  I know drama.  Really just down and heavy.  But–I heard a great message from my pastor…and that says a lot because I tend to zone at church.  Too many distractions.  But, again, he said that I might be the only light anyone sees.  That really opened my eyes.  I have to keep trudging.  I have to keep smiling.  I have to not lose myself in everyone elses mud.  Then, god bless her, Kathryn reiterated, spelling?, the same point.  She reminded me that I can be a light.  So here’s to spring and the sun.  Let the sun shine.

to quote the great romantic philosopher, Robert Smith:

it’s friday I’m in love…

and the modern day urban prophet

the sun’ll come out tomorrow

      bet your bottom dollar that…


Lara says:

You are definitely a light for me, Angela, and I appreciate it!

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