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{March 16, 2009}   Sigh

I am so excited about Spring Break! I think after such a crappy evil week, we need a break. Not to mention I get to stay home on my birthday. Hehe. My husband is trying so hard to make it special. He doesn’t understand that I am totally happy with whatever he does. The thought really does matter. I really enjoy the idea that he is thinking about me. Alannah is packing furiously trying to fit everything in her tiny suitcase. Ha. Very amusing. I am a little worried, I am trying very hard not to think about her going so far away. Aaak. That made me think of the Cathy newspaper cartoons. AAAK! I am teaching Tomas Rivera during the Cesar Chavez holiday. I think I might do something special with it. Gotta think of something. I might study it a little more in depth than planned. Hmmmm. I am going to the movies tonight. Ohblahdi.


David says:

I’m excited for Spring Break too! I have books to read, house projects to get done… and quality time to be spent with the kid.

Lara says:

Isn’t it Friday yet???

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