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{April 10, 2009}   Feelin’ Groovy

Wow, I had no idea how much good Spring Break would do for me.  I was feelin’ pretty low for a while.  I even asked Peter if I could quit my job and go back working for youth groups instead.  I know I was miserable at home, it just seemed so much easier.  I would even sigh when watching waitresses and busboys do menial tasks for pay.  It seemed so inviting and warm not to have to think about my job–just bring people their food and smile.  *sigh*  BUT-

Now that I am back and it is my favorite time of year, I feel a new spirit emerging.  This time of year I always challenge my students to find who they are.  I make strong bonds and relationships with them by sharing my own challenges and acts of silliness with them.  I share my dark times and my insecurities.  It feels so good to be so real with them and they appreciate this time together.  It helps them to pull their own lives out on the white sheets of paper and really gives them a chance to analyze their own crap.  It helps them to focus and make plans. 

Today I had them think about what masks they put on, what cages them in, and what they push out of their own lives.  It is amazing to see their faces when I help them realize their own prisons.  It is like a light goes on on their faces.  Self realization is powerful.  I am also excited because I plan to bring some of my friends in with their stories and paths to share.  I can’t wait.  I really do love my job.  Even if I have to be a babysitter and teach grammar.


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