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{April 22, 2009}   Spring Madness

What is going on with the world? Has everyone gone bonkers? Seriously.
Yesterday I found out that two of my favorite students broke off a nearly two year relationship. This boy almost cried in front of me today. This kid wears all black and never talks to anyone. He almost cried in front of me. I was blown away. It is so hard to see a boy in pain. Then I just find out that another boy “took my advice” and broke up with his girlfriend because I told him a relationship should be equal. I guess they are back together, but really?
Then! No and then. Hahah. My freshmen are bouncing off of the walls!!! I have had to threaten them, and torture them every day this week. I wrote up one girl twice. She left in a huff and told me she was going home. Now a kid is in here and taking my keys. Gotta go. grr.


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