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{April 27, 2009}   It’s Monday. It really is.

I always feel like I am the one who gives and gives. Sometimes I get left behind so empty. It shows up in every single area of my life. Is it really so important for everyone to feel loved? I try so hard to spread it around like a big tub of butter so no one is dry. Sadly, I am the one who always, ALWAYS, ends up being the dried up piece of toast. What is the deal. I am the one who writes notes and cards, who always shows up, who messages, replies, buys gifts, and listens, who brings dessert, who reads the book, who drives them home, who buys them food, who cleans the mess, who helps with dishes, who takes the time….and what do I have left? Toast.


kaptainkrunchy says:

awwww…come here and let me butter you up…I got a lotta love to spread around…

absolutededication says:

Try jam?

(I know that’s a bit flippant, but…set aside time for you, and that’s your jam. Make it happen, because it’ll make you happier, *hugs*)

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