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{August 21, 2009}   Been a while…

My new year of teaching has been stellar! I have amazing students and LOVE my classes. I did start with a bit of a chip on my shoulder because of the lack of Hannah, but now I am free of that burden because she is back! What a relief. I am having a little bit of a hard time because one of my classes is really over, but I am hoping by Monday that problem will be relieved.
I began my reading today for my kids. I really enjoy reading to them. We are reading Copper Sun by Sharon Draper. I think I might really like this book. I already almost cried in the first two chapters.
Speaking of crying, a lot is going on stress-wise. Melody is scheduled for surgery this Friday and Peter is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday. I got up in front of all of my classes today and explained my situation to the kids. I wanted them to be prepared for my absences. It was really hard to do and very emotional. They were awesome. I feel so connected already to students I don’t even know yet. Some kids offered their prayers, many were very emotionally moved, it nearly brought tears to my eyes. No wonder I do this job. I love my job. Think of me and my family in the next few weeks. It is gonna be rough. But, we feel loved by many. 🙂


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