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{November 15, 2009}   Ohblahdi

Well, for someone who sure is an emotional and mental rollercoaster I am on one coasty highway. It seems as if I have finally leveled out. I feel as if I am level headed, calm, collected and little hints of inspiration and creativity. I feel not happy, but calm. Happiness is there, don’t get me wrong, it is just not ecstatic moments of exuberant joy…just peace. That is a good thing.
I, and my family, are hanging in the moment waiting for what is to come. That is no longer a worry for me. I know God makes good decisions and am not worried that he might drop the ball. I feel ready for whatever outcome may arrive. It’s cool. My dad, hopefully, no longer feels attacked or betrayed and I have a good feeling. Also can’t wait to visit Ohio. sigh.
I bought a new computer yesterday. I hope this allows me to be creative and pick up my writing. I think I had to stop a while. God wants to speak to me and I know He will help me create a beautiful testament to Him and His influence in my life.
Last week I was confronted with so much negativity. I understood that I forgot where I came from and how truly lucky I am. Weird enough, it gave me new outlook and perspective on the crazies I work with and myself. Even though I said I hate you and F you all. Oops…mybad.
I am proud to be real with myself, others and God and continually preach that to my students. So yeah…F you all.
Much love. Much creativity. Speak to my spirit and shine in my eyes.
Ohblahdi Ohblahda Life goes on yeah! lalalaal life goes on.


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