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{December 5, 2009}   Christmas letter

Merry Christmas 2009
Well, it is that time of year again and oh, what a year. First of all let us say just how amazing life has been to us. This might have been the most exciting, breathless, and difficult year we have ever faced as a family. We have come through it with bright eyes and renewed faith. Our family is renewed and blessed.

Alannah is in the tenth grade at Moreno Valley High School. She has done an amazing job in school and participates in the Socialights club, French club, Drama club, and is on the Varsity Cheerleading squad. She starred as Annie in the spring musical debuting her singing and acting talent. She was also able to visit France in March. She stayed with the Scheffer family as a foreign exchange student attending Malerbe Lycee in Caen France for two weeks. She is also taking guitar lessons as if she weren’t busy enough!

Melody is in the eighth grade at Vista Heights Middle School. She is also attending Canyon Springs High School in the mornings to take Geometry. She has a heavy load and manages it well. Melody was supposed to visit China this year but her trip was postponed due to her surprise heart surgery in August. It was very upsetting to cancel her trip, but thank God that we found out she needed the surgery before she left. Her surgery was extremely successful thanks to Dr. Bailey at Loma Linda Hospital. Her aorta was replaced and she has a brand new ticking mechanical valve. Melody is also taking violin lessons, loves to draw, and hide in her room with the laptop playing on face book, Sims, and other fun stuff.

Jason is in the seventh grade at Vista Heights Middle School. This year he has really upped his game. His grades are awesome! He has joined the associated student body, ASB, and has really taken an interest in school. He helps with music, dances and other school activities. His ASB teacher says he really proved her wrong, he surprised her with his work ethic and great behavior. He was also playing defense and goalie for ice hockey. He is hoping to take that up again next season. He loves to build things and take them apart. He has recently been working on lawns and making extra money.

Peter has had a rough year. Not only did he have to worry about the rest of us, but he was struggling with the healing of his wrist. He messed up his tendon a while back playing hockey. He was frustrated because he couldn’t play hockey or music. After several treatments, casts, and doctor visits, it was decided that he needed surgery. His surgery in October seems to be successful. They shaved off the damaged mess and moved his tendons, made him wear a cast and take off work for what seemed like forever. He was finally able to return to work right after his birthday in November on light duty. He has been doing great and even playing guitar again.

Well, as you can see, I have had it rough. I had to worry about a kid in another country, worry about another kid going even further, deal with a frustrated husband who couldn’t play, worry about my kid having her chest opened and pieces replaced, a bored husband not working, worrying about not getting paid enough and not being able to do anything with his hand, and everything else…but I guess I made it through just fine. I have taken on some extra work this year. I am teaching AVID, (lots of extra work and training), tutoring, an extra class, and working with a Creative Writing Club and Theater. I was nominated for teacher of the year against some of my best friends. It was hard to lose it but exciting to see my loser friend David win it. I also got to dance to Thriller in front of the entire school with some other crazy teachers. It is busy but I love my job. I love that my daughter is there with me.

We have had a blast with our dogs, our friends, and family. We have felt so much love and support. People we didn’t even know blessed us with food and cards. Others offered vacation time, money, and lots of help. My students all sent cards to Melody even though they barely knew me. We got a surprise visit from Grandpa Bob, friends were at our side, and family was right there ready to help with everything. If anything, this rough year was God’s way of telling us just how much he loves us. If we seemed to disappear off of the face of the earth this year, please forgive us. Life has been a roller coaster of emotions, stress, and heart ache. We love you, appreciate you, and thank you for not giving up on us with your prayers, help, and thoughts.
Peter, Angie, Alannah, Melody, and Jason


Lara says:

God bless you and your family!

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