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{February 10, 2010}   Really?

Crazy day.

It started out okay.  I packed my lunch even.  Then…Third period, my favorite period, hit.  They were not focused, loud, and rowdy.  I had to give them the mom voice and everything.  Everything was just loud and messy.  Then fourth period arrived, and as usual, they were annoying! My TA showed up twenty minutes or more late with his ipod in his ears blaring.  He yelled to me that he was busy “getting married” at lunch while we were silently reading. I was like Who are you! Then, these dumb boys kept drawing nasty pictures and then put them on my desk.  I told them I was going to send it to their mommy’s but I am not really sure, well 90%, which one did it. Dang it. What if I send it and he really didn’t do it. Grr.  Then lunch.  Whatever.  Then fifth.  They were wild.  Four people tried to ditch in my class.  My TA’s were acting like idiots.  Two of my students, girls, thought it would be appropriate to lay on the floor during class and talk while listening to their music while we were reading.  I could go on.  Then, my sixth period came.  Three kids tried to crawl over to the door while I was trying to start class.  They actually thought they were going to leave without me noticing.  WTF.  REally?  Who gave everyone crack today?  The smack down is gonna happen tomorrow.  Oh no!

If I didn’t get some good news today…I would have possibly quit.


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