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{April 22, 2010}   Random Journal

Well, as you can see, it has been a while. This month has been a whirlwind. Actually, this entire year. Here goes. I have been working a lot. I am not even kidding. I often get home very late, too late, and feel like I haven’t even gotten anything done. Geez. On top of all of that, I have added more work onto my plate. I have included a home hospital student to my agenda, adding five more hours per week. Not that I don’t love all of this, but a girl can only be stretched so far. AVID has got me running around with my head cut off, English has been interrupted sooooo much that I am always behind, and discipline is at its peak this year. We also had our French exchange student for the last two weeks. Welcome welcome here is everything in California, eat eat, run run, go! So exhausted. House is a disaster. Went on the AVID Junior road trip which was amazing, but tiring. Missed my fam for a week. Alannah turned sixteen and we fizzled on it and had to postpone it till May. Can you believe that? Postpone sixteen? Wow. My birthday kind of got swept out due to business and such. Not to mention I wasn’t even here for it. Cest la vie. Hubby rejoined worship team. Hurts my pride a little and caused a little resentment. Mybad. I am proud of him I can’t help it. I am jealous. I just know it isn’t my time. I hope he loves it. I want to get my Masters next year but don’t know if I can handle it. I want to help with theater but I know it takes too much of me away. I want an Iphone. I bought a Coach purse. So unlike me. So materialistic. I love Greek yogurt suddenly. I keep gaining weight. Need to put my self under control. I am depressed a lot. I feel very lonely. I don’t know if I can ever just have that friend that is excited to call or hang whenever, that thinks of me often. I have bits and pieces of friends. Are girls really supposed to have that one good friend or is that a myth. Maybe what I have is one good friend split up into several people because I am too needy? I have good friends. I am just too often alone. I don’t know. Jason’s leg is doing great, (burn incident), Melody wants to join cross country despite her heart condition. Alannah says that she will one day be one of those crazy people who go around placing political signs in places. She should be a polisci major. I am loving having nephews. I am heartbroken for Beth. I love my dog. We planted a vegetable garden.


nici belcher says:

Hi my cousin… i often get this same feeling about my friends.. not that I have so many. But i do believe we do have many besties cause they all bring something different to us. I just wanted you to know that i very often think of you and stride to b like u..ur a GREAT mother to your children, an inspiration to the children in your school (even though its tough 2 see at times), devoted to jesus, cherish your friends, adore ur hubby, and wub your dog. Your awesome and I love you. moonbaby

Lara says:

You had time to plant a garden?? Wow!

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