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{May 11, 2010}   It’s Tuesday

So it is Tuesday and yes it has been a long Tuesday. I can tell my students are ancy and ready for this to be over. As am I. I am trying to be a good teacher and keep everyone with the whole “let’s learn” thing. However, they are making me crazy!!!! They are super fun and I am enjoying them, but those ones that really REALLY bug me, is it bad if I pray for flu?


David says:

Just survive… I understand the “let’s teach / learn” thing… but at this point, they’re done. You’re done… we’re all done. Honestly… I’m surviving. Something about May just makes me want to count down.

Lara says:

I was in “let’s learn” mode, but I’m quickly switching gears to “let’s just keep them busy and entertained” mode so they’ll sit down, shut up, and not get in fights with each other for the next 18 days of school.

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