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{June 7, 2010}   Enamored

Well, I figure since I am up late, I may as well post a blog. I have been so recently down that I almost lost myself. I had forgotten my purpose, my drive, my reasons for just staying here, staying alive, continuing with what life has to offer. So often I convince myself to runaway and be alone, away that I almost believe that it is truth speaking its evervescent sparkle wishing my eternal solitude. Loneliness. Then, life punches me square in the eyes and I realize just how much of an idiot I am. I realize the love that transcends the darkness that seeks my soul. I realize that I, stupid me, make a difference. That I am loved. That I am needed. That I have purpose. Yes, purpose driven is a cliche, but I am driven. I am driven to open eyes, to clean ears, to hold hands to those who feel like me. To help them understand worth. To help them see beauty. To help them listen to reason. My reason. God’s reason. Reasons to breathe, reasons to see, reasons to care, reasons to feel, reasons to …live and keep living. To keep moving, to keep listening, and feeling, and seeking answers. I am truly enamored. I am truly blessed. I am truly here. Here for a reason and my reason is them.


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