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{August 24, 2010}   My son…

Jason. Class clown. Future mechanic. Computer Genius. Hockey player. Kickboxer. Sensitive. Kind. Anxious. Worried. Uncomfortable.

My son is everything a thirteen year old boy should be. He loves to be outside. He loves to climb things and jump over things, to shoot things, to disassemble things. He loves animals. He once caught a turtle on a bike ride and rode one-handed for several miles with it. He caught a giant snake and held it in a bucket until I got home. I totally thought it was a rattler. He loves to chase lizards. We have three dogs, six turtles, and a cat. His dog is a boxer mix named Jackson. He feeds and walks the dogs.

Jason is very athletic. He has played hockey since he was a little guy. He played goalie and forward. He got really good last year. It was amazing to see such a small kid go up against eighteen year olds and thrive. He did kickboxing for a while, but had to give it up for ice hockey. He can get himself out of almost any move. He is extremely flexible. He was injured last year and had to give up sports for a long time. He has just been cleared to play recently. I will let him tell you all about that. He also loves skateboarding and riding his bike. He is a free spirit and loves to explore.

Jason loves shock value. He will do almost anything to shock people. He will hide in weird spots to scare his sisters. He will say inappropriate things at inappropriate times. He will bother and tease the scariest people until they love him. He is a charmer. Everyone who is not completely annoyed by him loves him. He is so amazingly thoughtful. He is helpful. He will do anything he can to help others. He will stick up for the most abandoned and outcasted kids. Last year he tried to get some bullies in trouble for teasing a special ed kid. He was so upset and righteous. I was very proud. He makes friends with the most annoying kids because no one else will.

Jason is a kinesthetic learner. He has some difficulties with classroom environments. Dyslexia and ADD run in our family, but I don’t think either is something that is not controllable. He loves to work and learn by doing. He takes everything he can apart to better understand it. He has three bikes taken apart in my garage. He takes phones apart, skateboards, remote controls……I could go on. He is also a hustler. He will try to make money in any circumstance. He is very intelligent but is a slacker. He worries himself about public situations and often gets anxiety. He will literally get sick from this worry. Usually he needs some sort of motivation to push himself. If not, he will do the bare minimum.

He is an amazing, bright, loving and annoying kid.

That is Jason in 1000 words or, well 1000 words.


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