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{September 2, 2010}   New Window

My letter to Youth Leader JPardee

So a couple of weeks ago when you were speaking was super good. 🙂 I kept tripping out though because I felt like you were using some kind of voodoo powers or something and catching my brain throughout the service. Like AAAAnnnngella…..Alannnaaaahs mommmmmm….work with the yooouuuuuthhhh. And so I was struggling the whole service. I was like no Justin Pardee stop using your mental powers to force me to work with youth. I can’t right now. Then we met after church and you specifically introduced yourself to me. I was like great, now he is gonna actually make me get involved with the youth. I had all my excuses ready. I didn’t say anything and politely said goodbye. You didn’t ask. nice.
See I have been working with youth since I was 18. I lead a youth group for three years and coordinated several youth camps. Specifically Native American kids. Now I teach high school. Whole notha story. I haven’t tried to work with youth at Sandal’s because the last five years my own kids have been in youth and will continue to be in youth for the next five. I didn’t want to hinder their experience at church.
I know. I am taking for days. Well. Nathan pushed, fanagled, whatever me into Tawny Burgess and her blog. When she introduced me into the topics of the blog, I noticed there was nothing to do with youth. Teenagers are my life. So I volunteered to do a Youth blog. This means that indirectly I will be working with guess who? You. So somehow your indirect voodoo worked and my indirect way of trying to hide, did not. Let me know if you want particular topics included, special events highlighted, etc. I want to help Frontside. I want to help adults see teenagers.

I was planning to name it either Frontline, Battlefront, or Upfront. What do you think?


Lara says:

Angela, You’re awesome!

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