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{October 20, 2010}   25


1. I love to cook, I hate to clean it.

2. I am very social and yet always feel isolated.

3. I have serious abandonement issues.

4. I love presents.

5. My favorite thing to eat is pie. Especially coconut cream pie.

6. I love to be outside, alone.

7. I want to be a writer.

8. I like crazy music. Vampire Weekend is my new favorite because it is so random.

9. I love to be held when I am falling apart.

10. I always feel like I am falling apart.

11. I hate to hug people.

12. I am an oxymoron. Maybe just moron.

13. I care way too much.

14. I hate noise.

15. I love to hold babies. I love to be close to children.

16. I love to see then inner conflict of scary people. I know they are beautiful somewhere.

17. I love spending time with others. I love when people enjoy spending time with me.

18. I am obsessive compulsive and rebelling against it, so my life is a mess.

19. I love to look at patterns and colors. I could spend hours just looking at paper samples.

20. Family is beautiful and should never drift apart. Biggest Fear.

21. Words are like a drug, they give sooo much pleasure.

22. I am so amazed by life and so daunted by it.

23. God loves me, and I can only hope to show my gratitude.

24. I like to paint my toenails but I hate my feet.

25. I am an accessories junkie. Glasses, shoes, necklaces, cardigans….


Lara says:

Coconut cream pie. Mmmmm!

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