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{December 4, 2010}   2010 LeBlanc Christmas Newsletter

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love! ~Hamilton Wright Mabie
2010 brought with it many blessings. This year has been a truly great year for us here in Moreno Valley, California. It has been a very busy year, but a good one.
We were lucky enough to catch quite a few concerts this year including: Muse, 10 Years, SevenDust, FlyLeaf, and more. We really love spending time together as a family enjoying our passions. We made several trips to the beach, including a very cool bike ride near where they filmed Beaches. Our friends were blessed beyond hope this year with a surprise son. So, our very sweet godson was born this year and he was named Peter. J We also got to make it out to Massachusetts this year to visit dear family: Grandpa Bob and Grandma Phyllis, Grammy Margaret, Grandmom Peggy, Grandpa John and Grandma Jean. This was really special. We toured the American Lit museums, which I LOVED, and had a wonderful Thanksgiving there.
Peter has been playing bass on the worship team for Sandals church. This has been a really great experience for him and he has made some really wonderful friends. He seems to have really recovered well from his wrist surgery last year and is tiptoeing back into a little street hockey as of late. He also has been playing a little rock music with some friends on the side, possible recording???
I am still teaching but teaching Seniors this year, as well as Honors Freshman. So everything was really new for me. I was named Teacher of the Year and got my own personal parking space. Busy, but challenging. am also very busy with teaching AVID, a college prep class. It keeps me in trainings and activities, including a cool trip to SF! On the cool side, I am writing for the church which is very fulfilling and engaging. They will be printing a magazine too!
Alannah has been a busy bee. She hosted a foreign exchange student from France this spring and will exchange again in April. We miss you Morgane! She had a really cool Sweet 16 Tea Party. She also performed in a musical at the local college, Anything Goes. She took college classes all summer from 3-9 pm which included acting, tap, singing and stage. She is currently taking a heavy load of college prep classes and is doing great. She starred in A MidSummer Night’s Dream and is currently playing Scrooge in our school’s play A MoVal Christmas Carol. She received her driver’s permit just recently! Yikes.
Melody started high school this year and of course she is doing fine. We celebrated her one year anniversary of her heart surgery in August and had a great party with an amazing fondant cake. She is planning to take a trip this summer, with her sister, to France, England, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, and well everywhere they can get to in 20 days as Junior Ambassadors. She and Alannah are both taking violin lessons as well. Busy, beautiful girls.
Jason is back in kickboxing. He is also playing ice hockey for the Junior Reign which is the minor league for The Kings. Mimi is his number one fan! He is awesome. He loves to draw, listen to music and especially ride his really cool bike. He mostly plays forward. He is in ASB at school and is ready to move on up to High School next year.
All in all, it has been a really nice year. Fun with nephews, godkids, and best friends. Feeling closer to family than ever makes the season so much more warm. Feeling artistic, feeling inspired, feeling loved and feeling peace.
Peter, Angie, Alannah,
Melody, and Jason


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