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{February 26, 2011}   Reset

Reset. Start over. New slate. These are the most beautiful words I may have ever pondered. Are our lives like an etch a sketch, scribbled with jagged lines that nearly make some sort of sense in grey and black that can be shaken and completely lost? Perhaps we are more like those weird grease slates with the plastic covers, stories etched in and dented but released with the lift of the cover. Are we a canvas that gets layers and layers of story added throughout the years? Are we a novel that is written and edited over and over? Or, are we just an electronic devise that never works properly, getting frozen and useless, having to erase everything to function properly by sticking an imaginary paperclip into the reset hole? God has told us so many times to remember his plan for us. He reminds us that we are loved, thought of, cared for and even guided through this life in countless verses. Why is it then, that we get so scarred, dented, overwhelmed…frozen? Why do we need to reset? We need to reset because we fill ourselves with so much worry, stress, and panic. We infect our lives with virus. We must reset to find God.
We all know that all things work together for the good of those that love God, and that if we trust in the Lord he will straighten our path, that even in the valley of the shadow of death he is with us and even that he loves us more than those darn flowers and birds. We know that he always comes through especially in the hard times. We know that he knows the deepest desires of our hearts–the good and the bad. Why is it so hard to know that when we feel like we want to drown? Why do we pretend that those are not truths when we are angry, hurt, or overwhelmed? St. Augustine of Hippo says that when we chase after material needs and fill ourselves with material desires, we separate ourselves from God’s plan, from his love. We forget that God is with us because we are separating ourselves from his voice.
Did you ever notice that when you are most overwhelmed, stressed out, and angry it is about some material issue? The house payment, the need to be in control of something, the desires to be noticed, the need to be accepted are all material needs. These desires consume us and make it hard for us to remember what we know deep inside. It is like a whisper in the back of our minds that we block out with our headphones. We are a jumbled mess of our own plans, needs and wants. We are overcome with this material virus. Someone! Quick! Poke me in the side with a paper clip! Reset!
When we seek God, we can hear his voice. We must look very carefully at our material life. Material things are things that we can see, touch, smell, or hear. Anything that clutters our lives to the point that they are shouting louder than God, needs to be analyzed and shelved. If the cost of our material life makes us feel like we are drowning, we must rethink our choices. If our needs and desires make us hurt and feel guilty, reset. The antivirus we need is God’s heart. Search for his voice: whatsoever things are pure and true, brotherhood, and kindness, sacrifice, servant hood, merciful and generous—think on these things. These things are the antivirus. These are the reset button.


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