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{March 17, 2011}   Comic Book Character

Baking is a really great way to understand life. Anyone who really knows me knows that I relate everything to food. The word character is defined as the aggregate components of what makes a person. When most people think of the word aggregate they think of the stuff that is used to mix concrete. I think of ingredients for bread. I love making bread, especially fancy schmancy bread. One of my favorites is sun dried tomato, basil and olive oil bread. That is a collection of different sources that are considered a whole, right? Well, character is who we are no matter the circumstances. I know for a fact that I am quite the character. I just didn’t know exactly what my character was for a very long time.
Most of my life has been spent drawing out and sketching exactly who I always wished to be. When I was a kid, I knew for sure that I wanted to be a beautiful fairy with flowing black hair and brilliant green eyes. As I got older, I knew that I wanted to be perfect in every way. This meant having perfect skin, beautiful vocabulary, 100 pounds, rich and witty. I wanted to be loved and adored by all with a rocking 4.0 GPA and a hot boyfriend. Then, I really got smart and realized that all of that was kind of silly and outrageous. So, I sketched my ideal: rock star, poet, forensic psychologist. Totally attainable.
Well, I got married and well…pregnant. Three times. I dropped out of college to raise my kids and to serve my husband’s every need. This began a whole new sketch book. I was planning this brilliant ideal of who I was. I was going to have the fairy tale marriage with beautiful perfect children who never did any wrong. Children who shined like the diamonds in the sky. A husband who ran to me in the sunset in slow motion with a horse is what I drew. Not to crush any dreams, but that did not happen. My aggregate was not properly mixing. My bread was not rising correctly. My character was not real. It changed with every little shift in the wind. I had no solid me to outline.
Now, I must say that I am a little older and a little wiser. I would like to say that my character has awesome muscles, a cape, and is never swayed by those evil doers and ankle biters– but I can’t. However, I do know that my ingredients are a little more stable and my aggregate is a little less fluff and more resembling of minerals and rock; a little more solid. I am who I am no matter the circumstance. My moral compass is my compass and God is my navigator. My sketchbook of who I am reflects who I am instead of who I wish to be. I am working on finding those things that add to that character. Some of my findings are: I love to spend time with my family outdoors, I have the gift of hospitality, love to write, I enjoy performing poetry, I like kickboxing(weird I know), I like tattoos, I love to talk to anyone who will listen, I enjoy cooking, I love having close friends, ministry is in everyday life and is not a label, God is the filling and not the jacket. This is my character. This is what makes me me. I may not be super, but I am comical.


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